Acute and chronic migraines and sinus issues

A few people get migraines from sun exposure while others get it from travelling.
Menstruation may be a trigger for a few females while tension headaches trouble others.
People who have suffered from a migraine headache are aware of how debilitating it is to
one’s well being. The extreme throbbing headache, light sensitivity and inability to focus are
just a few of the many symptoms one may experience.
Continuously taking strong pain medication over long periods of time causes more harm
than good, owing to their side-effects. It is not a sustainable option, especially for those who
have headaches often.
Homoeopathy has an effective cure for headaches. No matter how long the headache has

afflicted an individual- be it a few days or several years, regardless of the age of the sufferer-
it can be thoroughly remedied, without any side effects.