Allopecia and hairfall of any age
Allopecia and Hairfall of any age

For patients who have gone years suffering from alopecia- either left untreated or after treatment failures- Homoeopathy comes as a boon. The natural Homoeopathic remedies lend their effect by bringing equilibrium by maintaining the levels of macronutrients and micronutrients in the body. 

With the use of our medications, within a short period of time, hair fall reduces to a great extent. With continued consumption, it helps in the growth of new hair too. The resultant hair growth is healthy- far better in comparison with the fragile hair after a hair transplant. 

While most other treatments for alopecia and hair fall are based on external application oils and serums, our approach addresses the issue from within- creating healthier, stronger and thicker hair from the very root. In any other treatment modality, when medications are stopped, the hair fall resumes. However, that is not the case with our therapies.